Any return by the customer must be authorized by GHIM Hydraulics, as a result of the request, will issue and dispatch the appropriate form VMD-19-0302 accompanying and identification of the product.
In order to simplify the identification of the returned product, the Customer must:
- Complete the form VMD-19-0302 in the required fields
- Attach a copy of the form to the product return
- Attach a second copy of the form to the transport document " DDT " .
The material will always be sent to GHIM by FREE OF CHARGE .
If it required WARRANTY on the product, and this was granted by GHIM,  GHIM will apply the terms described in the section TERMS & CONDITION
All returns for incorrect order from the Customer, if accepted, will be credited with 70% of the invoice value ( 30% will be deducted for the costs of internal management GHIM ) .
The material made without the accompanying form of  VMD-19-0302 will be returned to the sender.
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