Privacy Policy

GHIM Hydraulics Srl applies both in law and in spirit, the protection of privacy.
This protects the privacy of all those who are related GHIM Hydraulics Srl, be they employees, suppliers, customers, potential customers or just visitors to the Site
If a visitor to the Site intends to voluntarily release personal data as defined in the DLG 196/2003, and EU Regulation 2016/679 "GDPR", this will only happen to the rules and procedures specified on the Site that comply with the aforementioned law DLG 196/2003.
The release of personal information is a free choice of each visitor to the Site
There, in the Site ( ), GHIM Hydraulics Srl , no record of personal information that does not happen unless following specific notice to the visitor the opportunity to register their personal details. To avoid errors or misunderstandings, all recording personal data , however, will not occur as a result of a further and final confirmation by the visitor .
Therefore , no recording will be made without your explicit consent by ticking the relevant box " I consent to the processing of my personal data".
Remain valid steadily over time the rights under Art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 ( formerly Art . 13 of Law 675/96) , the right to obtain the updating , rectification , integration , cancellation , transformation into an anonymous form of the personal data , opposition and the right to treatment and the right to access their information in the time and manner prescribed by law .
The above rights may be claimed by writing directly to the owner or the person responsible for handling the following address:
GHIM Hydraulics Srl - Via dell'Industra , 40-25030 ERBUSCO (BS) - ITALY - mail:
GHIM Hydraulics Srl uses cookie technology to perform statistical analysis of its Site
A cookie is a small piece of information sent from the web site contacted and saved on the hard disk by your computer browser .
Site ( ), GHIM Hydraulics Srl traces the cookie's route ( an activity known as "click stream " or registration of the paths followed by visitors to a site in the transition from one page to another ) without this activity can not discover or identify the ' user who is logged on, in order to collect statistical data on the site such as, for example , pages visited , pages downloaded etc. ..
We reiterate that none of this information is associated with you individually. Cookies do not capture your e - mail address or any other private information .
The information obtained by tracing the cookies is only considered as a whole.
GHIM Hydraulics Srl also uses the log files of the Web server to count visitors and evaluate our site 's technical capacity .
We use all this information to know how many people visit the Site, to organize the pages in the most accessible manner possible , to facilitate the navigation of the site and to make the pages more useful to visitors .
We collect information about site traffic, but not on individual visitors. Consequently, no information about you in particular will be kept or used.
If you wish to send , for any reason, the e-mail to the Site or the Site itself invites you to join a mailing list to receive information on your computer to your interest, we emphasize that, if one of these options requires the registration of your personal data , registration of your personal data will always be in compliance with the Privacy Act . Therefore , no recording will be made without your explicit consent by ticking the relevant box " I consent to the processing of my personal data".
As already indicated in the warnings , access to the Website implies full acceptance of the rules contained in the Site .
In those circumstances the user who accesses the website agrees that the applicable law for any problem arising from access to the Site or relating to the Information or Objects contained in the Site, under Italian law .
Likewise , you agree that the exclusive jurisdiction for the above problems is the Court of Brescia.
Francisco de Goya - Il parasole - 1777
Francisco de Goya - Il parasole - 1777