Our Company

GHIM Hydraulics Srl was founded in 1999 by Pierangelo Ghirardelli ERBUSCO (BS) .
With the cooperation of his sister Lucia and the support of his father Giacomo, he started his own production of hand pumps .
Thanks to the design of products more compact and manageable, developed by Eng. Pierangelo and adoption of innovative materials, GHIM in a few years has become an established producer of hand pumps, and its products a benchmark for the market.
Later GHIM has developed even outside the field of hand pumps, thanks to introduction of new products: such as mini-power pack, flow dividers, pumps, oil pneumatic pump, hydraulic welded cylinders, hydraulic power units.
Since 2013 GHIM has assumed the role of sole official distributor for Italian market of two major brands at international level.
Our policy pursues the following principles :
- Constant development of innovative and competitive products.
We design new products with a team of research and development and in some cases in cooperation with institutes of international importance.
- Listen to the suggestions of our customers making them our own.
Our customers' demands and expectations are constantly kept as a reference for corporate decisions.
- Work closely with our suppliers.
Quality comes also thanks to profitable and continuous cooperation with our suppliers.
- Continued revision and innovation of production processes.
The product improvement occurs thanks to an efficient system of production and suitable quality control .
- Investing in human resources.
GHIM staff,  participating constantly in the life of society, become themselves drivers for its growth , making it a unique entity.
The current strategy of GHIM aims at further strengthening its position as leadership in the production of hydraulic pumps, mini power pack, special cylinders and pursue further growth in these areas through targeted acquisitions and investments.
Scuola di Atene - Raffaello Sanzio - 1509-1511 - Musei Vaticani
Scuola di Atene - Raffaello Sanzio - 1509-1511 - Musei Vaticani