Today there are commercial vehicles that do not have on-board compressed air system as the brake system is mechanical interlocking type. On these vehicles, the same as those fitted with a pneumatic system can be installed sockets Force (Power Take Off) and one or more hydraulic systems to control the folding and other services (crane cab back etc.). If the vehicle is equipped with a compressor, the hydraulic circuit can be controlled by a pneumatic control system affordable. In this case, using take-offs with pneumatic and hydraulic valves graft always pneumatically. Conversely, if the vehicle does not carry the compressor, then the drive system of the PTO and the hydraulic system is mechanical (using special remote controls with sheath and wire) or electric (use of special electric motors or actuators). And 'well known that the PTO's pneumatic control are by far the easiest to install, more reliable and safer and ultimately also the cheapest.