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  • New Universal Lever Support 
    Suitable for:
    - Circular section rod D = 27 mm
    - Rectangular section rod 15 x 30 mm
    New Vertical Lever Support
    Suitable for Rectangular Section Rod 15 x 30 mm
    Horizontal Drive ( Standard )
    Vertical drive
    IN-LINE hand pump
    Foot fixing - Vertical handle - Same Fixing Pump Chapel
    Displacement 12 - 25 - 45 cc / cycle - Maximum pressure 300 bar
  • GHIM Hydraulics PATENT
    Especially important oleopneumatic pump suitable for the movement of the rib (roof) of the vehicle. Easy to install on the vehicle, simply connect the pipes of the hydraulic cylinders and the vehicle's air supply hose. Available in the version for DOUBLE effect cylinders DE, and simple effect cylinders SE.
  • GHIM Hydraulics PATENT
    Mini Power Pack suitable for handling a snowplow blade with 1, 2, 3 independent movements and with Free Float or Assisted Floating to reduce the wear of the Blade in contact with the road surface. In floating-assisted mode, the weight of the blade on the ground is conveniently reduced by a counterpressure to the lifting cylinder, adjustable by means of a double threshold pressure switch.
  • GHIM Hydraulics PATENT
    Hydraulic system operated through an electric motor or cordless screwdriver.
    Equipped with a flow reverser it can be used with both single and double acting cylinders.
    Max. pressure valve calibrated at 200 bar. Max. rotation speed is 3000 rpm
    Various displacements and different tanks with capacities from 1 liter up to 25 liters of oil.
    IN-LINE hand pump
    LATERAL fixing
    Displacement 12 - 25 - 45 cc / cycle
    Maximum pressure 300 bar
    Aluminum body
    Stainless steel stem
    Dust scraper seal

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