GHIM Hydraulics has recently designed a whole range of motor-pumps named “TESLA” with:
“DC” direct current 
“AC” alternative current 
power from 100W to 4500W
specific power from 0,25 cc/rev. to 25 cc/rev. 
These power-units have been designed using high resistance materials so that both the overall dimensions and the weight can be kept down. The particular attention together with the careful choice of the components make our product technically advanced; with very high efficiencies.
Articles in page:
  • "ELP-DSG" M4P-03,00kW-B05-00-2P03,5+11,30-DSG50bar
    ELETTROPOMPA "ELP-DSG-50" - Motore monofase M4P 4,0HP - 3,0kW 4 P B5 - 230V/50Hz - 1410 rpm - Gruppo pompa doppia ad ingranaggi GRUPPO-2 con Valvola Disgiuntrice ( Setting 50 bar ) - Alta Presione AP 3,5cc/rev ( 250 bar ) - Bassa Pressione BP 11,5 cc/rev ( 50 bar )