Based on many years of experience collected in the study and implementation of applications that require the use of hand pumps and electro-hydraulic power packs GHIM has launched an innovative air operated hydraulic pump. This pump is high quality, thanks to the technological and design solutions adopted and thanks to innovative features that make it a unique product on the market was "PATENTED". The concept that is the basis of this patent of invention is the design of a pneumatic circuit that allows a particular compressed air consumption is proportional to the actual performance required in the use of the pump. A further fundamental advantage derives from the fact that with this system it is possible to use as a multiplier of HYDROPUMP STATIC AIR-OIL pressure acting on the adjustment of the inlet air pressure so that it balances statically with the hydraulic pressure required. This second advantage is very felt when the pump is used for the actuation of the closures of the automatic machining equipment on machine tools. In fact it can effectively replace the multiplier AIR-OIL freeing herself from the problem of small amount of oil available in the multiplier. The fields of application of these tanks are varied, ranging mainly in the fields of industry, agriculture, transport, NAVAL and MILITARY. The careful design followed by experimental tests carried out in the laboratories of evidence led to the creation of a highly reliable and durable.
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    HYDROPUMP type "AL-HPA-SR-25-VS-07AL-LG-LV" with 14 cc / cycle with double acting pneumatically operated - Pressure ratio 1:35 - Max pressure 250 bar - Max air pressure 7 bar - Tank 7-liter LARGE type aluminum-plastic with oil level. - Pressure relief valve set at 100 bar (adjustable from 25 to 350 bar) - Tap 0-1 unstable NC lever to activate the pump - For EXTERNAL MANIFOLD - exit "P" and return "T" to the tank - hand pump GH-HPM20 external service for manual operation. Kit for connecting air supply to the box and the lever faucet + KIT fixing lever faucet.
    Gruppo Carter di Protezione per Hydropump.
  • GRP.HYP. "AL-HPA-SE-12-VS-ML-RL-00-03,5AL-LG-LV"
    Gruppo HYDROPUMP per "EVOLUTION-LIFT" Semplice Effetto SE - SMALL-BOX - "AL-HPA-SE-12-VS-RL-04AL-LG-LV-VR".