The power unit "UPW-DC" produced by GHIM is extremely versatile. And 'composed of modular elements of small size and from a wide range of accessories in the extreme simplicity of assembly. Thanks to this versatility, you can find the right solution for a variety of applications in a compact way and without the need for additional hoses and assemblies. The mini power packs "UPW-DC" DC 12V or 24V are suitable for all installations on vehicles such as cranes, dumpers, lifts, light tanks and in all applications where it is necessary to operate hydraulic circuits in the absence of electrical outlets. The mini power packs "UPW-AC" AC 220V (single phase) and 380V (three-phase), are indicated for all the industrial installations on the machine where you can connect to the grid. The fields of application of these tanks are varied, ranging mainly in the fields of industry, agriculture, transport, NAVAL and MILITARY. The careful design followed by experimental tests carried out in the laboratories of evidence led to the creation of a highly reliable and durable.
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    "SNOW-BLADE-FLOATING-SYSTEM" composed by: - N°1 Mini powerpack - 12V DC 1800W - Pump 2,5 cc/rev - Max pressure 120 bar - Adjustable relief valve from 50 to 240 bar, set to 150 bar - Check valve - 6lt tank with oil level - 1 Electric valve D.E. closed center - 1 Electric valve D.E. "Y" center - 1 Cartridge valve for FLOATING service - Battery master switch - A1-A2 / B1-B2 exits with M14x1,5 C24° OR fittings - SIGMA24 Predisposition for push button or remote control
    "SNOW-BLADE-FLOATING-SYSTEM" composed by: - N°1 24V hydraulic power unit with 2000W motor - 2,5 cc/cycle pump - Max pressure 210 bar - Adjustable relief valve from 50 to 240 bar, set to 150 bar - Check valve - 6lt tank with oil level - 1 double effect electric valve closed centre - 1 electric valve "Y" centre - 1 cartridge electric valve for floating - battery switch - Exits A1-A2 / B1-B2 with connections M14x1,5 C24° OR - N°1 SIGMA24 predisposition for the connection of remote control or push button
    "SNOW-BLADE-FLOATING-SYSTEM" composto da: - N°1 Centrale oleodinamica 24V con motore da 2000W - Pompa da 2,5 cc/rev - Pressione massima 210 bar - Valvola di Massima pressione regolabile da 50 a 240 bar tarata a 150 bar - Valvola di Ritegno incorporata - Serbatoio con livello olio visivo con capacità 6 lt - 2 ELV D.E. centro Chiuso - 1 ELV.D.E. centro "Y" - 1 ELV a cartuccia per funzione FLOTTANTE - 1 ELV a cartuccia per funzione FLOTTANTE-ASSISTITO - Staccabatteria - Uscite A1-A2-A3 / B1-B2-B3 con raccordi M14x1,5 C24° OR - N°1 Predisposizione SIGMA24 per collegamento Radiocomando o Pulsantiera